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Yanolja, One of the Biggest Travel Agencies in South Korea, will Offer Crypto Rewards

Yanolja, One of the Biggest Travel Agencies in South Korea, will Offer Crypto Rewards

Yanolja, one of the biggest online travel agencies in South Korea, has begun working with MiL.k, a blockchain platform. Through the partnership, users of the platform will receive rewards in crypto.

Through the partnership, Yanolja is going to introduce the Yanolja Coin to its platform. The coin will launch in May 2020. However, it will not be a cryptocurrency. Users who earn the Yanolja Coin will be allowed to exchange it for Milk Coins. The Milk Coins are the native digital currencies of the MiL.k blockchain platform.

According to the CEO of MiL.k, Jayden Jo, by becoming part of the MiL.k Alliance, a service company could help to grow the utility of its reward points. Consequently, it could help to benefit all customers on different online platforms.

As the platform grows, the MiL.k CEO believes that companies who join will be able to use it as an effective marketing tool. He believes that partner firms will be able to run co-promotions and events, which will be targeted at the huge customer pool of MiL.k.


Growing of Crypto Rewards

Numerous online platforms have been actively using digital currencies to reward their users. For instance, MiL.k is already working with other major service chains in South Korea such as Seoul Airport Limousine, which is a popular airport bus service and Delivery Car, a popular car-pooling platform in the country.

The head of marketing at Yanolja believes that the alliance will offer numerous benefits to its customers. According to him, there are already several partners from various sectors in the MiL.k Alliance. For instance, he noted that there was a car-sharing platform and a duty-free shop that had joined the platform.

Reward programs powered by digital currencies have been growing in popularity. The reason they are growing in popularity is that they help customers unlock rewards, which would have otherwise remained dormant. As more customers use digital currencies backed by blockchain technology, it will be a useful method to get them to learn about the crypto sector and blockchain technology.

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