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Warner Bros Invests Millions of Dollars in the Maker of Crypto Kitties

Warner Bros Invests Millions of Dollars in the Maker of Crypto Kitties

According to a Forbes report, Warner Bros has invested $11.2 million in Dapper Labs, the company that invented Crypto Kitties. The game went viral and inspired many other similar games. It almost crashed the Ethereum blockchain in December 2017, when trading of the CryptoKitties received worldwide interest.

According to an official from Warner Bros, if the issues of scaling can be solved, the technology that powers the game can have many real-world use cases. For instance, the company believes it could be used to trade merchandise, which features some of its biggest stars such as Cardi B and Ed Sheeran.

As part of their Investment, a team from Warner Bros is collaborating with Dapper Labs to create digital assets with the use of a new blockchain that the company has created. The blockchain, which is called Flow, will be able to handle transactions volumes that are many times more than what Ethereum can handle. The company has invested in blockchain technology and these projects are set to proceed.

As more companies invest in the blockchain, it is continuing to blur the lines between the technology and the real world. One day, the technology could be part of normal life, just like has happened with the internet in the short time it has been around. Warner Bros will use the technology to create a new avenue for how artists and their fans can explore that stardom. Artists and fans have not interacted in this new and interesting method in the past.

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