Looking to buy your first crypto-currency?

Coinbase Exchange

This is where anyone who is interested in trading crypto-currency on an exchange must get started. This is the only place where you can initially buy Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin and a few others with a debit card, credit card, or bank account.

It's a bit unfortunate that this is the only option at the moment. But at least they'll give you $10 in free Bitcoin after you make your first purchase of $100 worth of Bitcoin!


Binance Exchange


One of my personal favorites for trading altcoins. The best thing about altcoins is that they are much more volatile then Bitcoin and you can increase your Bitcoin value by trading them. They have the potential to be much more profitable in the long term as well.

The video on the right will explain how to transfer funds to Binance and how you can profit so much more by trading altcoins on their exchange


Kucoin Exchange


Kucoin is my favorite exchange for what are called "small cap coins". These are coins that are based off of promising projects, that if successful, will make exponential profits. Possibly similar to those made by people who bought bitcoin in the early stages.

In the video on the right I'll be explaining how to deposit money, and trade on Kucoin exchange. I'll also go into depth on a small cap coin that we have been trading in our chat for massive gains.