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The HTC Binance Phone will be Available for Sale Starting on December 5

The HTC Binance Phone will be Available for Sale Starting on December 5

The HTC Binance phone will officially go on sale on December 5, according to an announcement on the Binance site. It will available to buyers on the HTC EXODUS website. This phone is being produced by HTC, the Taiwan-based smartphone maker.

According to Binance, this phone will retail for $599. Users will be allowed to purchase the phone using crypto such as BTC and the BNB Coin, the Binance exchange’s native coin. There is also an early adopter bonus of $100 that will be offered in BNB. This program will be rolled out on a first come first serve basis.

Binance announced in November that the phone would launch soon. It is going to support the Binance Chain, which is a native blockchain for the Binance exchange. Additionally, it has a built-in crypto wallet. This wallet will allow users to access their crypto holders from any location in the world at any time.

According to the Chief office of HTC, the phone has been optimized to operate with the Binance exchange. The first HTC EXODUS 1 line of phones was released in December 2018. One of its unique features is a secure enclave, which acts as cold storage for crypto holdings. A while back, the company launched an EXODUS 1 variant that can run a full BTC node.

The Crypto Smart Phone Race

The Binance CEO, CZ, believes that there is a coming crypto smartphone race. He says that this race will play an important in the growth of the crypto sector. Currently, Samsung, HTC, and Huobi are the major players in the crypto smartphone space. In September, Huobi announced that it would soon issue a blockchain smartphone with similar hardware wallet capabilities as those of EXODUS 1.

Samsung has already built a blockchain wallet app into its Galaxy series smartphones. Earlier this year, China Telecom, a state-owned firm in China, released a white paper on blockchain smartphones at the start of 2019. Such smartphones could help to introduce crypto and the blockchain to the masses, which could help the sector to grow much faster than it is currently growing.

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