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Prime Minister of India’s Twitter Account Hacked by Crypto Scammers

Prime Minister of India’s Twitter Account Hacked by Crypto Scammers

Twitter recently confirmed that the Prime Minister of India’s Twitter account was hacked. The account is
a verified account with around 2.5 million followers and mainly posts in Hindi. During the attack, the
crypto scammers posted messages similar to those posted during a recent attack targeting leading
American personalities.

Details of the Hack

According to a recent media report, the Twitter account of Narendra Modi that was associated with his
app and website was hacked and several tweets were sent requesting for crypto donations. In the
previous attack on high profile Twitter accounts, a 17-year-old Floridian was charged for coordinating
the attack. Twitter says they have already taken steps to secure the account.

Twitter added that they were investigating the issue but were not aware of any other accounts being
hacked. The Prime Minister of India’s office has not commented on the issue thus far. While the official
account was hacker, Modi’s persona account that has over 61 million followers was not affected.

The tweets asked followers of the account to donate to the PM National Relief Fund using crypto. Those
tweets have since been removed. Speculation is rife that the method used to hack the account could be
similar to the recent Twitter hacking scandal. Besides that, there is speculation that it could be the work
of Chinese hackers based on the existing tiff between India and China.

The Previous Twitter Account Hacking Scandal

In July 2020, a teenager from Florida called Graham Clark was arrested under suspicion of being behind
the attack, which led to prominent Twitter accounts being used to spread a crypto scam. The hackers
were successful and they managed to acquire around $100,000 form their victims in the few hours that
they were in control of the accounts.

The teen has since been caught and charges filed against him. He is facing 30 felony charges for
scamming people across the US. The case is still ongoing and the outcome has yet to be determined.
Clark could be facing years in jail for his crimes.

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