Coin #1, ARK


Coin #2, ADA


Coin #3, XRP

XRP Ripple cryptocurrency trading analysis price prediction bitcoin mining

Coin #4, DBC


Coin #5, NEO

NEO cryptocurrency altcoin trading price prediction bitcoin mining ethereum litecoin coinbase ripple

Coin #6, XLM

XLM Stellar cryptocurrency buying trading price prediction bitcoin mining ethereum coinbase ripple

Coin #7, BNB

Binance coin BNB cryptocurency trading price prediction

Coin #8, OMG


Coin #9, ZRX

ZRX 0x cryptocurrency trading price prediction analysis bitcoin mining ethereum coinbase binance

Coin #10, XMR

cryptocurrency altcoin Monero XMR price prediction analysis trading signals buy bitcoin coinbase xrp

What You Should Take From This

Every single one of these coins that we have analyzed for you have completed an Elliot wave correction and should be heading into large upwards third waves. In order to know where to take profits its necessary to be very knowledgable on the practice of using Elliot wave, Fibonacci and other trading indicators. We believe that a mutli year long bullrun will be coming, we believe that it's extremely necessary to know how to maximize your profits as much as possible.

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