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OneCoin Whistleblower Claims she Has Been Getting Death Threats

OneCoin Whistleblower Claims she Has Been Getting Death Threats

Jen McAdam, a resident of Glasgow, who has been leading a group that believes the OneCoin project was a scam, claims she has been receiving threats, mainly through Facebook. She is one of almost 70,000 UK residents who invested in OneCoin. Since then, they have not been able to fully cash in their stake in the project. The project, which is based in Bulgaria, is still trading. It has vehemently denied any claims that it was a scam, arguing that it fulfills all the requirements of a cryptocurrency.

The Threats

Miss McAdam is part of a BBC podcast that is investigating the disappearance of Dr. Ruja Ignatova, who is the project’s founder, and the OneCoin project. According to her, messages sent mainly through Facebook have been threatening her with death and sexual violence. She claims that this attack on her is been coordinated by supporters of the OneCoin project. Miss McAdam also revealed that the threats had been reported to Scotland Police. She added that the abuse had taken a toll on her health and she was now always looking over her shoulder.

Jen McAdam made an investment of about £8,000 in the project. Additionally, she persuaded family members and her friends to invest a total of about £220,000. Shortly after, she realized that she would not get back her investment.

Some estimates claim that the project received about £4 billion from investors in 175 nations. About £96 million of that money came from the UK, according to the estimates. The founder of the project disappeared in 2017. In March 2019, US officials charged her with money laundering, in absentia. The US Department of Justice has labeled the OneCoin project a pyramid scheme.

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