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NASA Wants to Hire a Cryptocurrency and Blockchain Expert

NASA Wants to Hire a Cryptocurrency and Blockchain Expert

NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory recently put up a job ad on LinkedIn. The company wants to hire a data scientist who has experience in the cryptocurrency and blockchain space. It is not clear why the data scientist will need to have experience in cryptocurrency.

Some of the wild speculations as to why this is the case include NASA looking for ways to develop a new economy for a Mars colony and a way to trade with aliens. However, it could be something as simple as NAS needing people who love to deep dive into complex mathematical issues.

What the Recruit Will Do

The ad states that the person will need to come up with apps for various areas of Jet Propulsion Laboratory such as AI, robotics, mission assurance, cloud computing, intelligent digital assistants, amongst other areas. Besides that, the person that is hired will be placed in charge of analyzing complex data sets, mining data predictive analysis, and research.

Other Requirements

The person hired will also need to have a degree in Science, Engineering, or Information Systems. They will need to have a year’s experience or a Master’s degree if they have no experience.

There are many job openings for those with expertise in cryptocurrency and the blockchain. A simple search on LinkedIn reveals over 16,000 job vacancies for those with blockchain experience. Additionally, there are over 3000 ads for those with cryptocurrency experience.

No matter the reason why NASA needs an expert blockchain and cryptocurrency experience, it shows the technology is maturing and the world is taking note.

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