KuCoin Finally On Trading View

Kucoin has finally joined the many other cryptocurrency exchanges that can be found on TradingView. What this means is that all trading pairs on Kucoin will now finally be available for view on TradingView.

Platform users can now look up crypto assets that are traded on KUCOIN by typing KUCOIN: followed by the name of the asset. This update can open up the use of the Kucoin exchange to so many traders who only view exchanges as legitimate if you can find them on Kucoin.

Crypto Assets such as $KCS, $GRIN, $ETN, and many others can now be viewed on TradingView. $KCS is the ticker for Kucoin shares, this is Kucoins exchange token. Basically the $BNB of Kucoin Exchange. I see this as likely having a very positive effect on the price of $KCS as well as these other assets in the long term.

Getting listed on KuCoin may now become a very big deal given the approval of the exchange by such a trusted platform like TradingView.

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