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Joe Biden’s Win Logged on the Blockchain

Joe Biden’s Win Logged on the Blockchain

The Associated Press recently logged Joe Biden’s win for the US presidency on the blockchain. To do this, the Associated Press, one of the most trusted news sources globally, collaborated with Everipedia, a blockchain encyclopedia, in October. For as long as the blockchain network exists, the news of the win will permanently be recorded.

The Partnership

Everipeidia revealed the news via a tweet . According to Everipedia, the reason why the results of the US election were published on the blockchain was that we were living in the misinformation age. As a result, the need for verifiable information was its greatest.

The AP called the US Presidential election after Joe Biden won the state of Pennsylvania on November 7, 2020. After they made their call, Everipedia, using its ORacQle software that runs on Chainlink, which is powered by Ethereum, logged the news on the blockchain.

Contested Results

While Joe Biden is currently considered the winner of the contest, President Trump has contested the results. He has described the results as fraudulent. He has said that he will challenge the outcome in court.

If the current president gets his way, Everipedia entry onto the blockchain will stand. According to the president of Everipedia, Sam Kazemian, the AP has been the definitive news source for US elections since 1848. He noted that AP had been tallying election results since then. He added that the AP was a nonpartisan nonprofit organization, which was not part of the mainstream media, as defined by right-leaning Americans.

The Everipedia president added that OraQle, the product they used to record the news, did not comment on the legitimacy of the electoral process. He noted that people had mistakenly believed that since the results were on the blockchain, it would give them more legitimacy. According to him, the blockchain would not provide legitimacy. He concluded by stating, “Legitimacy comes from the system, not the source.”


The decision to record the recent announcement by AP is a historic one. It also helps to highlight that we live in a misinformation age and the blockchain could help to ensure there is a verifiable source of information.

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