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Jim Cramer & VeChain

Jim Cramer & VeChain

The VeChain project has made an appearance onto Jim Cramer’s The Street Website. It has appeared as the crypto of the week. This is a huge boost for the small-cap cryptocurrency.

The street brings to light the fact that the VeChain blockchain is being utilized to help spot counterfeit KN95 masks amid the peak of the Coronavirus pandemic.

Many western countries had issues when it came to identifying quality medical gear. VeChain is helping the western world to overcome this barrier. In order to do this VeChain has partnered up with a San Fransisco start-up called Real Items. Together they will be making sure that every box of KN95 masks that they ship out come with a 2FA QR code that will record important information on the VeChain blockchain.

Retailers will be able to scan the QR code to verify the quality of the product before they are used to protect health care employees and other essential workers.

Jim Cramers website also brings positive emphasis to the VeChain Shanghai Gas Partnership. We have spoken of this partnership previously here: https://cryptoplanet.cash/vechain-partnership-with-shanghai-gas/

The street concluded that the future seems bright for VeChain, hopefully we can see it mentioned on Jim’s Mad Money show in the near future!

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