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General Motors Filed for a Patent Application for a Blockchain-Based Navigation Map

General Motors Filed for a Patent Application for a Blockchain-Based Navigation Map

General Motors, the major car manufacturer, has filed a patent for a navigation map system that will continuously update. The system will integrate data from vehicle sensors into the blockchain to build a reliable map for autonomous vehicles. 


The patent was filed on October 1st, 2018. And was published April 2nd, 2020. The existing GPS maps are difficult to keep properly functional, as they may be limited to certain sections of the world, mainly due to the large costs it would cost for a ‘vehicle’ to maintain it’s maps.


The GPS maps have worked in the past to some degree, but have not been as responsive as possible.


The patent would essentially collect real-time data from autonomous vehicles around the world, this data would then be compared with a discrepancy detector-which analyses existing maps. 


Any differences identified between the real-time data and the discrepancy detector will be transmitted to the blockchain network-which would hold all of the map data. If other vehicles encounter a similar change the “candidate transaction” would then be validated. 


This patent was published just after their release of GM’s “Super Cruise” feature and was likely the reason this solution to GPS navigation errors was created. The main problem with the “Super Cruise” feature is with its inability to be used on unsupported roadways. 


This feature in GM’s luxurious models is heavily reliant on the GPS navigation to determine a path.


This patent opens up the opportunity for multiple vendors to contribute to a single map-because of blockchain, the precision of navigation is possible.


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