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Fidelity is growing its Crypto Workforce

Fidelity is growing its Crypto Workforce

Fidelity Digital Assets, the crypto arm of fidelity, the asset management firm, has been growing its crypto workforce at a tremendous rate. The company has a goal of hiring over 20 engineers to develop its crypto trading and custody services. Thus far, the company has over 100 employees working at its crypto unit in different capacities.

A New Round of Hiring

The company is seeking to hire engineers in different fields. These fields include site reliability engineers who will need to have expertise in AWS. Additionally, the company is looking to hire software engineers that have experience in Java-based microservices. They are also looking to hire engineers who have experience in the latest angular-based user interfaces. Finally, they want to hire data engineers with experience in designing cloud-based data services.

According to the company’s CTO, Peter Farland, they want to bring innovative and passionate developers to the company that enjoys working collaboratively in a rapidly changing field. He also said that their ideal engineers would be those that bring real-world experience in creating modern, secure, and highly available services in the cloud. The CTO added that they use the latest advancement in the blockchain and cryptography to create secure, interoperable, and scalable products, which make it safe and secure to invest in BTC.

History of Fidelity and Crypto

Fidelity entered the crypto sector in 2018. They started to offer their clients digital asset custody services as well as trade execution services to international investors and hedge funds. Fidelity is also heavily invested in crypto mining.

By growing its engineering talent pool, the company will strengthen its current digital asset team that is over 100 strong. According to an announcement from the company, they paired some of the best engineers in the blockchain sector with experienced technology, business, and cybersecurity experts at the company. By doing so, they were able to create an enterprise-grade custody and execution solution that meets the needs of institutional investors.

Rising Demand for Crypto custody

Fidelity’s decision to expand its crypto team comes amid growing demand for crypto custody by institutional investors. Banks such as JP Morgan are on the hunt for third-part crypto custody providers.

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