Kraken Reveals Major Security Flaw in Trezor Hardware Wallet

A recent study by Kraken Security Labs revealed a major security flaw in the Trezor hardware wallet. According to the report, they

How Crypto Exchanges are helping to fight the Wuhan Coronavirus in China

Huobi, following in the footsteps of Binance, is joining the effort to fight the Chinese Coronavirus. To do this, the

Zipmex Exchange Receives Regulatory Approval from Thai SEC

The Zipmex crypto exchange recently received approval from Thai authorities to operate in the nation. Zipmex had to wait for

Is the COSS Exchange Shut Down an Exit Scam?

A forensics investigator in the blockchain sector believes that the COSS crypto exchange shut down was an exit scam. COSS,

Huobi Partners with Dubai Real Estate Agency to Enable Payments in Crypto

Fäm Properties, based in Dubai, recently collaborated with Huobi to enable the firm to receive crypto payments via a payment

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