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Coindesk Reporter Jokes about North Korea Selling its Crypto Stash- Fuelling Kim Jong-un Rumors

Coindesk Reporter Jokes about North Korea Selling its Crypto Stash- Fuelling Kim Jong-un Rumors

A Coindesk staffer recently made a joke about North Korea selling off its crypto stash. The news caused panic amongst crypto traders over the weekend, as many feared it would lead to a crash of Bitcoin prices. However, Zack Voell, the Coindesk reporter, later deleted the tweet.

Fuelling Kim Jong-un Rumors

In his tweet, Voell had claimed that funds from Kim’s Trezor wallet had been moved to the Coinbase exchange. He claimed that 65,091 BTC had been moved, which would be worth about $500 million at current market prices. The tweet helped to fuel the rumors that Kim Jong-un had died.

For the past few days, there has been speculation that the North Korean leader was dead. It was claimed that he had died after an open-heart surgery that ended disastrously. It has been claimed that North Korea has accumulated around $670 million in various cryptocurrencies, in its attempt to circumvent US sanctions.

It Was a Joke

While Voell later deleted the tweet, he was unapologetic about his joke. However, not everyone saw the funny side of the tweet. Some of the replies to his tweet were critical. They accused Voell of causing people to sell their crypto holdings over unfounded fears. Despite this, some saw the funny side of the joke. For instance, David Gerard, a renowned author, and blog joked Kim Jong-un was into Ethereum. His joke was about the recent visit by Virgil Griffith, an Ethereum developer, to North Korea.

Kim Could Still be Alive

While rumors about Kim Jong-un’s death have been going around for the last week, there is a huge possibility that he could still be alive. One of the people that still believe he is alive is John McAfee, a cyber-security pioneer and crypto enthusiast. He even joked that he was hanging out with Kim Jong-un.

Further confirmation was provided on Sunday, April 26. According to a national security adviser for the President of South Korea, Kim Jong-un was alive and in good health. During the CNN interview, he said that Kim Jong-un was currently at a resort town called Wonsan on the east coast of the country.

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