Cardano Initiates Support For Coronavirus Disease Research

Cardano planned to host the Shelley launch party in Kyoto, Japan. However, this party may not be possible due to the increasingly-severe coronavirus pandemic. Despite halting most international events, relief has been developed from the Cardano foundation. Cardano has called on to support the ‘Folding@Home’ project-which is focused on disease research. 


Folding@Home is preparing to form a distributed supercomputer via linking computers across the world-this is done to develop a drug/vaccine to kill this newly discovered virus. 


Cardano Foundation offers, those interested, a software program that can be downloaded on a computer, which would be used to power scientific research. Their end goal is clearly to find/develop a vaccine, and people will have the ability to partake for free-minus electricity costs. 


This software will essentially use part of the computer’s output to run this. This is also called “computational resources” which will be used to power efforts to uncover important factors that distinguish this virus. For example, each computer’s resources combined could be used to discover the proteins that COVID-19 uses to protect it’s cells. The ultimate goal of this effort is to create medicines and vaccines to cure and protect people from COVID-19 by combining the resources to study the virus’s proteins. 


Along with Cardano, several other cryptocurrency players are working to provide relief for all those affected by the Coronavirus. 


It will be nice to see private entities combine their efforts to uncover an increasingly-apparent issue we face head on into 2020. 

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