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Bump & Run Reversal Pattern, This is HUGE!

Bump & Run Reversal Pattern, This is HUGE!

Market Update

Bump and Run Reversal Pattern Appearing on $ICX as well as $BTC and many other altcoins. For those who don’t know this is an incredibly bullish reversal pattern. Bitcoin formed this same pattern when it reached its bottom at ~$3k last year and proceeded to shoot up to $13k over the next few months. We will likely see similar results this time except the altcoin market will also receive a large boost. I expect altcoins to outperform Bitcoin heavily during this time.

Right as everyone is looking to short the market and expecting us to fall lower… This is why you never follow the crowd mentality.

Looking for a break of the resistance to confirm, we should see $ICX reach $0.40.

The video I included goes into detail discussing the appearance of this formation on $BNB, $ICX, $BTC, $VET, $ARK and more.


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