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Brave Browser Partners with Binance to Allow Crypto Trading Via the Browser

Brave Browser Partners with Binance to Allow Crypto Trading Via the Browser

Brave, the privacy-focused browser recently announced that their over 12 million actively monthly users could now buy and sell crypto via the browser. Besides being able to trade crypto, users of Brave would be able to view their balances. It was made possible via a partnership with the Binance exchange.

How it Works

To buy and sell crypto, the Brave browser has introduced a Binance widget on the new tabs page. It makes the Brave browser the only one that has integrated functionality for crypto trading. A version of the widget can be accessed in the Brave Nightly Desktop version. The full release to all browsers will be in April.

Via the widget, users of Brave can access Binance.com and Binance.us, which is the US version of Binance. Besides crypto trading, they can view their asset balances and get deposit addresses within the browser. Most of the cryptocurrencies supported by Binance will be available for trade via the widget. It is not clear whether there will be any limitations on the cryptocurrencies that can be traded via the widget.

For now, only desktop versions of Brave will have the widget. However, there are plans to add a mobile version of the widget in the future. The widget is going to be enabled by default. However, users will have the option to turn it off and hide it from the new tab page by going to the settings.

About Brave and BAT Tokens

Brian Bondy and Brendan Eich created Brave Software, which is the firm behind the Brave browser. Eich was a founding member of Mozilla and he helped to create its Javascript. Bondy was a former employee of Mozilla and the Khan Academy. Brave is offered on desktop computers and iOS and Android devices.

The browser has seen its users grow steadily in the recent past. In January 2018, it had just 1 million active monthly users. Today, it has around 12 million active monthly users as well as over half a million verified publishers. According to Brave, they combine privacy with a blockchain-powered ad platform. Additionally, they offer 3-6 times better browsing speed than other browsers. Users of the browser can opt to receive ads. In exchange, they are paid with the Basic Attention Tokens for viewing the ads.

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