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Blockchain-Based Coronavirus Data Hub

Blockchain-Based Coronavirus Data Hub

The World Health Organization (WHO) teams with IBM and Oracle on a Blockchain-based Coronavirus data hub.  This will be used to compile and check data relating to the coronavirus pandemic.

What is the solution?

The solution is called MiPasa, and will be launched as a “COVID-19 information highway,” according to Jonathan Levi, CEO of Hacera, that built the platform.

MiPasa is built on Hyperledger Fabric and will likely evolve as a variety of data analytics tools are added. This will likely be followed by testing data and other information to aid in precise detection of apparent COVID-19 infection hot-spots. Levi stands on the basis that there isn’t enough information out there to make informed decisions. Despite this, the solution aims to help all the people that would like to get access to data, analyze it, and provide insights.

Aside from Hacera, IBM, Oracle and The WHO there are other parties involved in the platform. These parties include: Microsoft, John Hopkins University, China’s National Health Commission and more. The WHO did not respond to a request to comment on the matter.

IBM Blockchain CTO, Gari Singh, said that everyone he spoke with agreed it was important to “kickstart a consortium” as soon as possible. According to Singh, “the group started off brainstorming ideas on how to collect, provide and use verified information about the virus.” Singh said “It’s not that we were trying to force blockchain into this solution, but we thought we need to replicate data, we need to have trusted sources, and we need to make sure it can’t be tampered with.”

IBM provide an addition resource, the Call for Code initiative, to work on the platform and rapidly create tools that may be able to help evade or reduce the crisis. Looking forward, Singh suggests that things like COVID-19 testing data could be implemented into the platform.

Singh said, “You could think of a simple set of applications for the drive through testing.” He further states, “Using an iPad you could enter some information without having to know who the person was. We can start to collect that and build new applications off that.”

Hacera’s Jonathan Levi proclaimed analytic tools can provide powerful insights-provided everyone can be sure and agree all data on the platform is concise and consistently versioned. A whole host of companies have offered their data intelligence to help reduce the virus.

According to Levi, “Many data tool providers are getting involved. Everybody is rushing to help and nobody is charging a cent.”


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