$ARK Market Analysis

$ARK / $USD Analysis Update

$ARK makes up a significant portion of my portfolio, it has been making great progress throughout the bear market and is looking to perform very well upon a breakout of the channel pattern that I have shown in this analysis. A break of the channel would signify that we are seeing a trend reversal after ~800 days in a bearish trend. This trend reversal could take us to previous all-time highs and even further. Previous all-time highs were around $12 for comparison.

We have seen a strong bounce off of the lower part of the channel and I believe this bounce will take us to the upper part of the channel in the medium term. There is still the possibility that we once again reach the zone where we saw our previous bottom. This would be a fantastic buying opportunity.

With the current state of the global economy, all dips should be seen as buying opportunities. The US Dollar and many other fiat currencies are being printed constantly in order to keep economies afloat.

Buying cryptocurrency is essentially shorting the USD and I see this as a very good bet!

Another benefit of buying at these current low prices is that you can stake your $ARK and receive weekly/daily staking payouts!

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