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Apple Cofounder Sues Google over Crypto Scam

Apple Cofounder Sues Google over Crypto Scam

Steve Wozniak, the co-founder of Apple and several others have sued Google and YouTube over crypto scams on their platform. According to the lawsuit, Wozniak’s face has been used in various videos promoting crypto giveaway scams.

Details of the Lawsuit

The lawsuit claims that while YouTube was aware of the scam, they resisted taking down the videos. Besides that, it is claimed that YouTube allowed the videos to multiply. As a result, YouTube contributed to the scam by making the videos seem genuine. The lawsuit claims that Google and YouTube have profited from these scams via paid ads that were targeted at potential victims.


The crypto scammers targeted various other people. The issue came to global attention when the Twitter accounts of famous people such as Elon Musk and others were hacked and used to promote the crypto scam. According to Wozniak’s lawsuit, YouTube has been unresponsive to his numerous attempts to stop the scammers from using his face and likeness.

The complaint notes that the same issue was going on on Twitter. However, unlike YouTube, Twitter took swift action to protect users of the platform by shutting down the hijacked account until they had regained control of them. The complaint claims the attack on Twitter led to losses of around $120,000 while the YouTube scammers have made millions of dollars in crypto from their victims. However, none of the allegations made by Wozniak has been proven in court.

What YouTube Had to Say

In general, the lawsuit paints YouTube as an algorithm-driven tech company that has no regard for victims of crypto scams. However, YouTube does not agree. In a statement posted by the company, they state they take the abuse of their platform seriously. It added that they take swift action when they detected a violation of their policies such as impersonation and scams.

It is not the first time YouTube is being sued. However, the lawsuit is unlikely to succeed. The reason for this is that Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act protects online platforms from liability. As a result, there is no legal recourse for victims of the abuse of these platforms.

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