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A Major US Health Insurer has embraced the Blockchain

A Major US Health Insurer has embraced the Blockchain

Anthem, which is the second-largest health insurer in the US, has decided to embrace the blockchain. It will use the technology to allow its users to access their medical information. According to a report appearing in Forbes, Anthem will secure users’ data using the blockchain. Currently, the feature is only available to a few select users. However, the company plans to expand the technology to all 40 million of its members.


It Eliminates Trust Issues

According to the company’s CEO, the technology enables them to eliminate the issue of trust. He added that this would provide the company with an opportunity to share data with their users, allowing them to make independent decisions. The company had earlier announced it was working with PNC Bank, IBM, and others on a project focused on blockchain technology.

The Company Has Been Using the Blockchain for a While

According to the company’s chief digital officer, the technology is already been used by 200 employees working for the company. Soon, they will expand to all 40 million of its users. He added that the company is planning to use the blockchain in various operations. According to him, 40% of those planned use cases are already active.

How it will Work

In the pilot program, users open an app on their phone, scan a QR code, and give instant permission for a medical provider to their medical data. This access is temporary and a user can revoke access to the data at any time once they leave the hospital.

The use of blockchain technology has been widely embraced by the healthcare industry. This is especially so when it comes to sharing medical data. Existing systems are expensive and they are not always reliable.

With the help of blockchain technology, the health sector could get a huge boost. This is essential since timely access to medical data can be a matter of life and death at times. For instance, without the right medical data, a doctor might end up prescribing medication that a patient might react to in a bad way.


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